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Trader Joe’s Review: Roasted Vegetable Enchiladas

Meet my newest addiction.  The corn tortilla is stuffed with eggplant, corn, spinach, mushrooms, and onions.  Each bite is soft and gooey because there is tons of sauce.  It almost reminds me of lasagna.  But the tomato sauce has more of a spicy kick.  I buy my salsa mild so it might not be hot enough for some but I enjoy it.  If you have any vegetable fears (looking at you @coastline) don’t be afraid to try this.  All the veggie flavors blend themselves together very well and you aren’t going to take a bite and be turned off because there’s too much corn.

I was really hesitant on picking up another type of Trader Joe’s enchiladas because I had a bad experience with one.  It was a chicken enchilada (the one that comes in a turquoise package).  That one was much too dry.  This one is amazing, a real comfort food.

$2.99.  150 calories.  2 servings.
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